A Couple Bratz Party Games

These Bratz Party Games can make any sleepover or birthday party more interesting for you and your guests. Just be sure to have an antidote for the giggles on hand.

This first game is called ‘Taste Buds’. You’ve probably heard of this concept before, but it makes for a fun activity and an excuse to eat some more food. You’ll need blindfolds for each of the players at the bratz party, a collection of different drinks and enough cups for everyone, and pencil and paper for yourself.

Have the players put on their blindfolds and sample the first drinks. Then each will call out what they think the drink is. You can start out easy with some of the more distinctive drinks like grape soda pop. Some suggestions are; chocolate milk, regular milk, lemon water, lemon juice, coffee, cool-aid and sodas like lemon lime, grape, and root beer. The person who guesses the most drinks correctly wins. If you find more than one person has the same amount of correct guesses then you can hold a show off and add some more unusual liquids like; soy sauce, chicken broth and even gravy. If the guests at the bratz party are too squeamish to try the game then don’t try and force them into it, to keep the party in good spirits.

The second game is called, ‘knots’. It’s a fun puzzle game that will take all the hands and minds of your guests at the bratz party to solve. Have all the players stand in a circle with their hands place in the center of the group. This can only be used for up to ten people, because the circle starts to get too big otherwise. With everyone in a circle have the players close their eyes and hold hands with one of the many other hands in the circle. Keep your eyes closed as you are doing this and do not to hold hands with some one close to you or hold both hands with the same person. Each hand holds a different hand.

Once everyone is holding hands, you can all open your eyes and try to undo the knot that’s been created by rearranging yourselves and getting back into a circle. Don’t worry about keeping a death grip on the hands you are holding, its good enough to maintain hand contact with that person. Be aware that you may never solve the knot no matter how hard you try, but it is a fun game for the bratz party theme and everyone should end up giggling.

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